Trekking to beginners Himalayas

kedarkantha trek

Trekking, walking or mountain touring will help you learn about the celestial atmosphere of nature.

Himalayan trekking is a blend of happy memories, pleasure, and rejuvenation. The trekkers will be enticed by the spectacular views of the mountain tops, the quiet valley, and the fun singing of birds.

Holy monasteries and temples, the sanctuary with its unusual species, the scenic campsites under the lights and sunny skies, the beauty of mountain life. the village residences.

Most of the locations and mountain peaks previously inaccessible have now opened new sources for the Himalayan mystery.

They zigzag in the beautiful mountains covered with snow, in the densely green forests, in the quiet villages and towns, in the rivers and the lush pastures. The perfect way to spend your vacation and leisure can be beating people in the city and embarking on a stellar journey through the mountains.

Hurry, the wing is waiting for a lifetime experience!

5 best beginner treks in the Himalayas

1. Hampta Pass Trek

One of the best Himalayan treks for beginners is the Pass de Hampta with a height of 14,010 ft above sea level. Located in the Pir Panjal Range, Hampta Pass offers you five euphoric days of trekking.

The hiking trail passes through the beautiful glacial valleys, thick canopy of pinewood and maple trees, beautiful wetlands, sparkling blue rivers, quiet lakes, and colorful Rhododendrons.

It is a 4-day walk, but the visitors can continue to visit the popular Chandrataal Lake, nestling in the lap of the high Pir Panjal Range.

It’s an easy to moderate hike, so it’s also for beginners. It begins at the base camp of the trek with a drive from Manali to Jobra. This trek from Jobra is done on foot all over the place. The big views of the Pir Panjal Range snap from the Pass Doors, providing the trekkers with a beautiful landscape.

In May, June, August, September, and October, it is best to undertake the Hampta Pass Trek. Walkers flock to the breathtaking Hampta Pass during these months.

2. Kedarkantha Trek

At 12,500 ft above sea level in Uttarakhand, this majestic mammoth stands high. It is known by amateurs and travelers alike as the most sought-after destination.

It is located in the National Park Govind Ballah and Govind Ballah Wildlife Sanctuary, considered a paradise for trekkers. It provides panoramic views of the mountain range, calm lakes, camping sites, and quaint towns from deep into the mountains.

The Kedarkantha Peak sunrise from above is a real experience. Its colors decorate the surrounding countryside and mountains. Even at night, Kedarkantha Trek is an utter delight to look at the star-light sky.

3. Bhrigu Lake trek

Lake Bhrigu at a height of 14000 feet is a high glacial alpine lake situated in the district of Kullu. Maharishi Bhrigu was known to meditate in the vicinity of this lake according to ancient mythology. This mythological event, therefore, takes the name of this site.

Brighu Lake is one of the easiest treks for beginners and is one of the most recommended tours.

The trek passes the lush, untouched forests and weeds that make way for a lovely Rola Khuli campsite. The views of the peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters are large.

This walk begins in Manali and takes up to 4 days before the oval Alpine lake of Bhrigu. Other mountain areas and peaks such as the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladar ranges have a sneak view.

In summer and fall, it is the perfect time to embark on the Bhrigu Lake Trek. The lake has changed its colors over the different seasons and has been one of the most striking features for many walkers.

4. Brahmatal Lake Trek

The lake is 12,250 ft above sea level. This lake is located in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district of Garhwal.

This walk is perfect for beginners. Agree with another myth, the name of this lake is inspired. The Lord Brahma, known to meditate here, gave the lake its name.

Another pristine lake surrounded by oak trees, Bekaltal, you’ll find on your way to Brahmatal Lake. The local people who hide Lord Brahma in the vicinity of Bekaltal call it queer lore and a dwelling place for God.

This hike begins in Lohajung, which takes about 10 hours to reach by road and extends to 210 km from Kathgodam. Kathgodam has good links between Delhi so booking a bus or taking a car isn’t going to be an issue.

This walk also gives you an exotic view of the Roopkund Trek. The peaks seen from Brahmedal include Maiktoli, Trishul, the peaks of Hathi-Parvat, Nanda Devi, Nanda Khat, and Ghora Parvat.

In the winter months between December and March, the perfect time to go on this trek is unlike other treks. In winter, a jacket of fresh snow is in use on the trekking trail and pine and oak trees are soaked in the snowfall.

5. Valley of the Flowers trek

The Flowers Valley Trek is one of Uttarakhand’s most popular and satisfying mountain treks and one of Himalayan’s best treks for beginners. In 1982, the valley was designated as a national park with a large variety of colorful flowers and species at risk.

The Flowers Valley is also a UNESCO site of world patrimony. According to legend, the fairies and gods used to dwell here. The people who came to visit this Valley were also believed to be forever captured by the fairies. These alien treks are rich in love and mythologies that make them even more appealing.