Gokarna Beach Trek

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Want to do something different away from normal trekking then Gokarna beach trek is right for you as it provides distinct sights, distinct experience which will make your trek thrilling. Gokarna is a small town located over Karnataka and it is popular for Mahabaleshwar Shiva temple and it has several beaches which will definitely enlighten you.

Gokarna beach trek is also known as golden route. The trail includes walking on the beach sands by the side of the rocky hills and far stretching Arabian sea on the other side. The trail starts with Kudle beach and then on to the most famous Om beach where you see the beach is in the shape of Om and you can spend long hours cherishing the beauty of the beach. You then move on to the more rocky hills and reach half moon shaped beach also known as the crescent beach. The trail ends with Paradise beach and on this beach you come across rocky hillocks which makes it difficult to trek to but although more exciting as well.

It has always been a dream destination for trekkers as you unravel the golden sand beaches, jagged cliffs, marvelous view of sunset and big temples. And especially the long stretches of Om beach and Kudle beach are a delight of every trek lover.

 Now talking about distance, Gokarna is 520 kms away from Bangalore while 170 kms from Panjim where you can trek to in the middle of the Arabian shores. At the same time Gokarna trek is challenging too as it offers precipitous weather conditions at the shore. 


Day 01- Bangalore to Gokarna (drive- 485 kms) 

You first have to start your journey by reaching Gokarna point by taking an overnight transport. And as soon as you leave the town sided and enter into the world of hills everything around you is stupendous. You see the beautiful greenery of the pastures, sea, small ridges and what more coconut trees which will lift your spirits.

Day 02- Trek to Gokarna beaches

When you arrive at Gokarna the next morning have a delicious breakfast. And then you are all set to explore the beaches starting from Paradise beach and then going onto Om beach. Rest for some time on the beach and make your soul enrich by watching the dazzling shores at the beach. You enjoy the utmost serenity on Om beach where you forget all your life problems. Kudle beach is famous for its sunset spot and it is secluded so you enjoy it alone with your loved ones. 

After unravelling all the beaches you will head back to the main beach where hot dinner is waiting for you. 

Day 03- Gokarna to Bangalore (drive- 485 kms)

You wake up next morning with no regrets of life as you get to see the real beauty of nature. Have breakfast and set your journey back to Bangalore where this trip will make you remember your amazing trek to the myriad beaches.

Best time to visit:

The ideal time to visit Gokarna beach trek would be from October to March where you will find the weather warm and pleasant as well. The temperature lies between 32 degrees celsius. Whereas April and May there is hot there as the temperature reaches to 38 degrees celsius. So it is usually humid there. 

If you want to visit in the festival season then you can visit in February or early March as there is the great celebration of Mahashivratri there. There are the rituals performed in Mahabaleshwar temple for nine days and it is majestically illuminated by oil lamps and then it ends with a chariot procession carrying an idol of Lord shiva through the various streets. And people there throw bananas at the chariot for good luck wishes. So don’t miss out on this opportunity in going in these months. 

Gokarna’s major attractions apart from beaches:

Now Gokarna beach trek is not only famous for its numerous beaches there but also the activities there which will make your journey with fun. You can pass through the golden trail where you have to climb south from Gokarna to Kumta for 2 days. If you are a history lover you must visit a 16th century old Mirjan fort which is about 30 minutes south from Gokarna. And from there you can also visit the towering black crystalline limestone rock formations in the midst of western ghat mountains where you have to do a small forest trek to reach there.

So you must go to Gokarna beach trek to have some serenity around beaches and escape from real tensions.