Kodachadri Trek Guide

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It is a tip with dense forests (elevation – one,343 meters on top of ocean level) within the Western Ghats in South India (Shivamogga District, Karnataka), 78km from Shimoga. it’s declared as a natural heritage web site by the Mysore Government and it’s the thirteenth highest peak of Mysore. The name comes from the native word”Kodachi” which implies Kutaja flowers, and “Adri”, a Indic word for mountain, each combined along to coin the word Kodachadri. “Kuţaja” in Indic means that Girimallika or bush of the Hill. The unsmooth region that’s choked with “Jasmine of the hills” plants is “Kutajagiri”. it’s additionally known as “Kutachadri”, it’s home to many endemic and species of flora and fauna. The vital animal life includes Malabar Old World monkey, Malabar multicolor coraciiform bird. Kodachadri forms a background to the temple of Mookambika in Kollur. it’s situated at a distance of twenty one kilometer from Kollur and fifteen kilometer from Nagodi village, in Hosanagara taluk. seventy eight kilometer and 42km from Sagara, Mysore via Hasirumakki Ferry from District Headquarters Shimoga and therefore there square measure completely different routes to achieve the height of Kodachadri and the issue varies extremely with relevance the route chosen Kodachadri is found in Shimoga district and one in all the foremost spoken-about trekking trails in Mysore. located within the heart of the Mookambika life Sanctuary, the Kodachadri trek offers trekkers AN journey, a charm, ANd an expertise that may stay throughout your time period.

About Kodachandri Trek-

Kodachadri Trek takes you thru an enthralling village setting with paddy fields, thick forests, marvelous grasslands, and a body of water that may cause you to go weak on your knees. The rolling lush grasslands and hills encompassing the height may be a sight to lay eyes on. to feature on to those experiences, you get to go to a temple believed to be engineered thousands of years past that is crammed with an upscale history. with the exception of the mythology, imagine trekking to an area that has stories from the seventh AD. With multiple approaches to the trek, anybody will go and do that trek on their own. it’s a paradise for first-timers, intermediate and intimate trekking enthusiasts. 

Kodachadri Trek Itinerary

The trek will be divided into four sections 

Nittur to Last hut of Hidlumane

Last hut of Hidlumane to the Bhattarai Mane

The final trek to the highest with the temple

Descend through the path on Vallur facet

Section I: Nittur to the Last hut of Hidlumane

Start your trek early within the morning. this can be concerning one.2 kilometer of walk on the road. Check the path Map to urge additional clarity. If you get down at Sigandoor that is another official stop once Nittur, retrace your thanks to the Marakutuka bus stand. you’ll cross alittle bridge once some hundred meters and are available to the current native stop of Marakutuka. this is able to be a most well-liked possibility moreover. From the Marakutuka stop, spot a mud road towards your right. This takes you towards the forest facet. you would like to trek {for ANother|for an additional|for one more} a pair of kilometer that takes concerning 0.5 an hour to achieve alittle stream.

Section 2: Last hut of Hidlumane to Bhattara Mane

Trek Distance: three kilometer

Trek Duration: a pair of.5 hrs

The path goes behind the last hut of Hidlumane. As before long as you enter the forest, you see alittle stream feeding the fields. this can be an equivalent water flowing from the Hidlumane falls. Leeches begin from this space and continue forrader ahead during this section. you’re currently getting into the Shola forestHidlumane Falls may be a combination of seven body of waters with the most waterfall cascading down from a height of 50-60 feet. it’ll take you simply 0.5 AN hour if you’re trekking throughout the monsoon or simply once the monsoon season. 

Section 3: Base of Kodachadri to the height of Kodachadri

Trek Distance: a pair of.0 km

Trek Duration: one hour twenty minutes

There is alittle check post/gate unbroken with wood logs that you just cross and shift. inhabitation is prohibited on the far side this time. The path from here forrader may be a correct mud path all the thanks to the temple. The path on the left takes you to the most sunrise purpose. The path to the correct takes you to the top/temple of the trek. there’s alittle diversion towards a cave and temple on the correct The calmness of the temple and setting seems like the most effective place to sit down down, reflect, and revel in the time at the highest. 

Section 4: Kodachadri to Vallur, Roadhead

Trek Distance: eight.2 km

Trek Duration: four.5 hours

This section covers the descent via Vallur that adds to your expertise. get on my feet early and catch the sunrise. fancy the expertise of trekking through the wealthy and copious flora, fauna region of the Mookambika life Sanctuary. Take this route right down to reach the tip of the forest section. It takes concerning AN hour and a 0.5 to achieve down.